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CEO Mindset: Grow Your Business While Avoiding Burnout

Being an entrepreneur is hard. You've heard the old saying, "If it was easy, everyone would be one." 

Being an entrepreneur is even harder when you get stuck in your business without any opportunities to work on your business. You get so mired in the execution that you have no time to think about strategy and direction. What's worse, you end up so stressed from trying to make decisions and getting it ALL done that you end up burned out and searching for that passion you had when you first launched your business.

Fortunately, you have the power to change all of that.  

Our CEO Mindset Small Group Coaching program gives you the opportunity to work ON your business AND avoid burnout at the same time. Allowing you to take a strategic look at where you want to go and how to get there while connecting, or in some cases, reconnecting with why you chose this path to begin with. 

Read on for a look at what we'll cover in the CEO Mindset Small Group Coaching program.


The LIVE workshop is limited to 10 attendees while the VIRTUAL option has unlimited seats. 

Your price: $699 in full or $250 per month 

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Here's what we'll be covering...


Jennifer Robinson of Peaceful Living Wellness and Stacy Oldfield of Minerva Management Partners are leading this small group coaching program in a dual format to increase the flexibility in content delivery for attendees. Each coaching session will be presented in person to those who select the "LIVE" opton. NOTE: "Live" seats are limited to 10 and will be available on a first come first served basis. Selection will need to be made at checkout. 

In addition to the "LIVE" option, each coaching session will also be live streamed for those who prefer to take advantage of the program virtually. 

We will meet on alternating Wednesdays of each month at Noon ET. Each series is scheduled to last 3 months and each coaching session will last about 1 hour. This cohort will begin June 12.

Recordings and materials will be made available to everyone who registers. So, if you miss a day, you can still complete the work. You will also have access to a private Facebook page where you can ask questions, discuss topics in more detail, and support your fellow group members.

Series 1: Focus on Foundations

MONTH 1: Focus

Learn to focus on what is important in order to strategically build your business while avoiding burnout.

Session 1: "Focusing on Why and What: Understanding Values & Satisfaction"

Led by Jennifer Robinson, we will talk about...

  • WHY you are in business for yourself - your "why"
  • WHAT your personal values are for being an entrepreneur
  • HOW satisfied you are in your work/life optimal flow

...because these lay the foundation to keep you focused on your business in both the easy AND the challenging times.


Session 2: "Focusing on Who and How: Developing Your Business Boundaries"

Led by Stacy Oldfield, we will talk about...

  • WHO your ideal client is - being clear will set the direction
  • WHAT are their pain points you aim to address
  • HOW you plan to serve this ideal client and how your current solutions stack up against their needs

...because focus will help you make strategic decisions when opportunities present themselves.

MONTH 2: Financial Basic Training

Learn how to alleviate anxiety underpinned by financial worries though learning to lay out your financial plan and learning how to pay attention to that plan in a healthy and balanced way.

Session 3: "Assessing Your Business Values (a deeper dive)" 

Led by Jennifer Robinson, we will talk about... 

  • Your life satisfaction outside of business
  • Your satisfaction with your business within the scope of your life
  • Assessing how your "why" interacts with your level of financial satisfaction


Session 4: "Financial Foundations of Business"

Led by Stacy Oldfield, we will talk about...

  • Alleviating the intimidation factor of financials
  • Getting clear on where your business really stands financially
  • Adding financial tools outside of standard reports to drive decision making, including defining proper metrics

MONTH 3: Taking Action

Learn how to strategically build your business so that you can easily balance your business and life.

Session 5: "Fear, Faith and Trust" 

Led by Jennifer Robinson, we will talk about... 

  • FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
  • Faith - in yourself and in your business
  • Trust the process and enjoy the journey

...using these concepts you will lay a foundation of faith in yourself that you can build a successful business and maintain a fulfilling personal life.


Session 6: "The MAP: Massive Action Plan" (which isn't nearly as scary as it sounds!)

Led by Stacy Oldfield, we will talk about...

  • Getting clear on where you are
  • Getting clear on where you want to be
  • Ideas on how to get there

...this will allow you to have a tangible plan to keep your business life in focus and in balance by getting rid of your "to-do" list so that you can focus on outcomes.


Jennifer Robinson

Peaceful Living Wellness

Jennifer "Jen" Robinson is the founder and creative force behind the wellness brand Peaceful Living Wellness. Peaceful Living Wellness is dedicated to providing a wide-variety of high-quality wellness information via the online magazine Jen is also the creator of the Peaceful Living Wellness life coaching division Empowered Through Peace. Through Empowered Through Peace workshops, group coaching, and retreats she guides women in using Mindfulness and Mindset to build their inner strength on a foundation of peace.

Stacy Oldfield

Minerva Managemet Partners

After almost 25 years in Corporate America, Stacy launched Minerva Management Partners as a way to combine those years of business experience with her life coaching certification and love for coaching women. Minerva Management Partners is a business coaching practice designed to support women entrepreneurs committed to launching and growing their business. Stacy helps business women to focus their ideas and efforts and holds them accountable for achieving their goals. Whether it’s helping women discover creative solutions to their business challenges, coaching them to be more clear and decisive, or helping them see and take action on new opportunities, Stacy guides them to achieve the business and career results they are seeking.


The LIVE workshop is limited to 10 attendees while the VIRTUAL option has unlimited seats. 

Your price: $699 in full or $250 per month