Network Like a Boss Lady Training Program

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

Grow your connections and your sales - without being pushy or salesy - by learning how to network like a boss lady.

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What is Included in the Network Like a Boss Lady Program?

Network Like a Boss Lady is an on-demand, online training course that you can take from anywhere using your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Completing each of the four modules will leave you with a structured system that you can personalize to make the most of your networking efforts and grow your business in a genuine way.

The program includes four modules that you access through a members’ only website and that you complete at your convenience and at your pace. The modules cover:  

The Why, What, and How of Networking

-Understand what it is & isn't

-Understand your "why"

-Identify your purpose & goals

-Learn how to choose where to network so that you don't waste time or energy

Maximizing Opportunities - Planning, Working the Room, and Conversation Starters

-Develop your plan of action

-Work the room at happy hour

-Work the room at dinner

-Initiate conversations

-Be memorable

Developing Your Personal Statement/Elevator Pitch

-Understand the what & how of personal statements

-Create a personal statement

-Understand the importance of practice and revision

Adding Value and Nurturing Relationships

-Learn how to add value to your connections

-Learn how to nurture your relationships by understanding the 3 keys, using follow up strategies, creating a system that works for your style of follow up, and identifying creative ways to stay in touch

In addition to learning how to apply strategy to your networking activities, tactics to use to engage others and to make yourself more memorable, and how to nurture relationships after the networking event is over – all from a Boss Lady’s perspective, the Program also covers: • Body language and non-verbal cues • How to read a room for the best conversation groups to join • Ice breakers  

Also included in the program are: 


With printable slide decks so you can take notes as you follow along

Audio Files

MP3s so that you can listen on the go

Participant Guides

Worksheets and exercises to reinforce what is learned in each module

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group page for participants to encourage each other, ask questions, and share outcomes of their networking adventures

Special Bonuses - Worth $600+

-Communicate with Confidence Training ($197 value)

-The Art of Internal Networking Training ($97)

-How to Talk to Your Family About Needing Time to Network - A script ($priceless)

-A review of your personal statement by Stacy ($300)

“Network Like a Boss Lady completely shifted my perspective about networking. I've learned that networking is about relationship-building rather than selling and that having clear goals before you network can make it successful and effective. It’s helped me relax and enjoy networking!"

Kat Morgan - Changeability Solutions

About Me

“My name is Stacy Oldfield and I'm the founder of Minerva Management Partners and the Network Like a Boss Lady Program. When I launched Minerva I was already a seasoned networker. However, the pressure of securing new business for my new company made me make mistakes and cut corners in my networking. I defaulted to salesy converation that made me feel like I was "peddling a good" and, which by the way, rarely resulted in new sales. 

I knew in my heart that I would not be successful in building a business consistent with my brand if I continued networking in this way. After focusing on what I've learned from other women, researching best practices, and assessing what was working for me and what was not, I have refined my approach into a style that is true to me and consistent with my brand - increasing the connections that I make, increasing sales, and increasing the enjoyment I get from networking. And now I want to share that with other women so that they can find their style in the shortest amount of time possible so that they can make the most of their networking efforts to build the business or career of their dreams."

— Stacy Oldfield, Minerva Management Partners

You are a female entrepreneur looking to create awareness or increase sales for your company • You are looking for a way to connect with like-minded people who can provide support and encouragement • You are a solopreneur looking to interact with others • You know you need to network but lack the confidence to meet new people and don’t know where to even start • You are tired of wasting your valuable, personal time by meeting the wrong people • You are tired of collecting business cards and want to start building relationships • You feel guilty leaving your family in the evenings to pursue your business goals • You don’t own your own business but are either seeking different employment or are re-entering the workforce  

100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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